The Body Book- Cameron Diaz

The Body Book- Cameron Diaz

Hello guys!

Just bought the body book by Cameron Diaz, it’s not a diet book but rather a book of science of how our body works and how bad food impacts our body! Can’t wait to share the great things, I’ll learn from this book. Update you guys soon!

—-Jan 9 2013—

Hey guys just thought I would update you quick with a quote from the book.. Will update with some more reviews, but gotta tell you loving it so far!

Eating might sometimes feel like it’s about satisfying a craving for something sweet or crunchy or salty, but the true purpose of food is to nourish your greedy little cells. Because all cells need fuel to survive.

Love this sentence, it’s a reminder that sometimes our minds lead us to want something that is no good for us and that we do not need! 😉

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