Kit Kat Birthday Cake!

Kit Kat Birthday Cake!

Since Mom’s birthday is coming up, I decided to share last year’s birthday cake that I made her, Kit-Kat cake!

Here’s the recipe in case you want to make it for a lovely someone’s birthday!

3 King Kit-Kat Bars- I used 3 King size Kit Kat because the bars are actually then the regular ones. Which helps cover the thickness of the cake. (I used a 10 inch round pan)

What’s you’ll need:

1 Big Bag of M&Ms

Cute Birthday Ribbon- Got mine from Hobby Lobby

Birthday Candles- Walmart

1 Cake Box of any flavor you like!


You are going to bake the cake as you would when you are baking just an ordinary cake.

Once you finish baking and let it cool, grab some icing and frost the cake. The icing will be the “glue” to make the Kit-Kat stick!

Once you have all the Kit-Kat’s fenced around the cake, you pour the M&Ms on top of the cake and spread evenly.

Then measure a ribbon that will be long enough to wrap the cake!

And eat up!


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