DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

Hello my fellow lovebirds! Valentine’s Day is coming!

Here’s a picture of the gift basket I made for my boyfriend last year. I got the idea from the “Dating Divas”.


I actually used a dishwasher because the items were really heavy and needed something more sustainable than a wooden basket.

I also created some more phrases that were more personal to us.

Here’s a list that I used from the Dating Divas as well as some that I came up with…just in case you get stuck!

I heart your kisses!- Hershey almond kisses

You light up my life!- candle/flashlight

You are the highlight of my days.- highlighters

I love you more than you love iced tea.- his fav iced tea

I can’t imagine my life without you!- Little heart mirror from target

You bring me so much joy!  – almond joy

You are a great cook!- kitchens tongs ( He didn’t have any)

I want you NOW and LATER! – now and later candy

You’re such a hard worker!-  cleaning gloves

You are my LIFESAVER!- lifesaver gummies

I’m glad you POP-POP-POPPED into my life!-popcorn

I need you like the ocean needs the TIDE!- tide

You knock my “socks” off!-socks

You’re my HONEY BUN!

I love to see you SMILE!-toothpaste

I love your lips! – chapstick

Armando & Abi= Perfect Match!: Matches

You are my one and only cuppycake!: debbie cakes

You drive me BANANNAS, but I still love you ;)!- Bananas

You’re the perfect “HANDY” man!: handy tool

I love how you are playful!- (Clue game)

I “cerealsy” love you!- COCCa pebbles

I think you were MINT for me!= mints

You are EXTRA important to me!-extra gum

I always will CHEWS you no matter what!!! –bubble gum

You are a Marvelous & Magnificent!- mms

With so many FISH in the sea; I’m glad that you picked me!- goldfish

You are one of the PIECES that complete me- reese pieces

I love you bunches- honey bunches of oats

I love you a BUNCHA- crunch buncha


Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love!



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