My Acne Journey

Every since I was 16 I suffered from acne. Acne is something that no one would love to have on their skin. No only does it affect your skin but it affects emotionally. And sometimes emotions can trigger different ways of living. I know how huge acne can be a negative impact. And I’m writing this post because I know that it can be of use to other people who have been suffering with acne for 8 years like me or longer. I know everyone’s skin is different, but I feel like everyone can benefit from this post. I finally found a solution that has definitely helped me become proud of my skin and I wish that you anyone with acne can read and take action and not give up on your skin! I’ve gone nights crying myself to sleep thinking how ugly I am with ugly skin. Gone to work/school and not wanting to go because of my skin and the big cysts on my face that everyone would be starting at..or at least I felt that they were staying at.  And looked away from mirrors because of how horrible and imperfect my skin is. And I’m here to share my knowledge and solution with those who suffer from acne or know of anyone suffering with acne.  Before I continue, I would like to say that if you are suffering from acne…your skin does not define and though you may feel ugly, everyone is beautiful. Your personality and character defines you, don’t let your flaws be your negative focus. Because flaws can also be beautiful.

What I have tried:

I went to dermatologists, skin specialist, skin & laser centers..anything you can think of! Been there, done that. And nothing would ever work. I must have spent over $15,000 over the years in laser treatments, micro derms, skin resurfacing, blue light treatments and nothing would work. I tried eating healthier, exercising right and still had break outs.After so many years, I just told myself that this is it, I will have acne for the rest of my life.

But then I met Kate, an acne specialist!  She sat down with me and taught me things that has literally changed my life and skin! She analyzed my skin and put a skin solution custom to skin and oh my I am so thankful to have learned from Kathy on how acne should be taken care of

I would like to share with you my! acne solution and journey. I don’t have flawless skin yet. But it’s definitely improved. And I know I will soon get there! Kathy studies acne and attends seminars and has had many cases of treated acne cases successfully. She truly is amazing at what she does and is passionate about getting rid of acne. (She’s my angel). Let me share what the main points that have had SIGNIFICANT impacts!

Things you should know and avoid:

1. Diary is a no, no.  If you can’t avoid diary, at least try avoiding foods that are high in milk like Cereal, Coffee, milkshakes!***Very important

2. Greasy foods/Fast foods- Especially anything deep fried!

3. High Sodium Foods- Such as chips, fries, popcorn, seafood (esp shrimp), broccoli (Crazy huh?) etc. ****Very important!!

In addition, I have included this into my routine:

1. Zinc (50 mg) & Omega 3

***Extremely important- Zinc is the natural antibiotic..after a taking this for a month it def. made me see a difference. I take one everyday and it has def help clear my skin! So much better than taking antibotics..antibotics can cause serious liver damage if taking for a very long time!!

2. Sunscreen- Sun can cause some much to damage..Keep in mind any skin with acne is so sensitive!!

3.Ice, ice, ice!- Any big breakouts you should definitely ice. It will relieve swollen areas.

4.Products need to be changed every 2 weeks- Your skin will easily adapt to its important in the beginning to change it up. Because the acne medication will get “Immune” to your skin and no longer make a difference.

Start with a gentle acne wash, (ice for like 2 minutes) and then apply toner, and moisturizer with SPF!

Ice is very important, it allows for the toner to penetrate to the skin.


I’m finally glad to say that , huge breakouts are a problem behind me! I still have my scars and have a few breakouts but Kate and I are still working on it. I’ve never been so much comfortable in my own skin.  And after 3 months of treatments with Kathy all my family has said my skin looks amazing!!!! 🙂

I know everyone’s skin is different. But there are definitely things that can help keep your skin healthy.  Follow some of these and below is Kate’s blog about acne that is very insightful and has definetely helped me. And feel free to comment with any questions or advise, I would love to help a fellow acne suffer. Keep checking back for some of my updates and acne tips and solutions.


Before and after- skin was so bad! I forgot how bad it was!


Now I'm okay with going to places without makeup :)

Now I’m okay with going to places without makeup 🙂

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