Towel Rod Necklace Holder

Towel Rod Necklace Holder

Organization…Organization..Organization! Say goodbye to clutter and tangly necklace chains and hello to a fancy necklace holder! Not only is it a great way to uncluttered your jewelry drawer but now you can easily imagine what necklace you should wear for … Continue reading

Kit Kat Birthday Cake!

Kit Kat Birthday Cake!

Since Mom’s birthday is coming up, I decided to share last year’s birthday cake that I made her, Kit-Kat cake! Here’s the recipe in case you want to make it for a lovely someone’s birthday! 3 King Kit-Kat Bars- I … Continue reading

The Body Book- Cameron Diaz

The Body Book- Cameron Diaz

Hello guys! Just bought the body book by Cameron Diaz, it’s not a diet book but rather a book of science of how our body works and how bad food impacts our body! Can’t wait to share the great things, … Continue reading

Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet


Get the fancy arm candy look!


1. A fashionable button (with a loop)

2. Rhinestone Chain ( I used “Bead Landing™ Rhinestone Chain” from Michaels)

3. Leather Chord

4.  Cotton cord

5. Scissors


Wrap the leather chord around your arm 3-4 times (however long you want it), leave a little bit more so you have enough to create a “loop knot”. At the end of the rope string tie the button. On the other end tie a “loop knot” that will fit the size of the button.

Now cut the rhinestone chain according to the size of the leather chord where you want the rhinestones to start.

Superglue the rhinestone chain on the leather chord.

Wrap the cotton thread around the rhinestones. (I wrapped it 3 times before reaching the first rhinestone with superglue and then again on the last rhinestone)